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Halibut Fishing in Alaska for Giant Barn Door Halibut

Halibut Fishing in Alaska

In Alaska everyone loves to go Halibut Fishing. Pacific Halibut are among the largest bottom dwelling flatfish in the world. When Fishing for Halibut in Alaska one of the most productive techniques is to anchor your boat above structure on the sea floor. Below we hope you will find a treasure trove of Halibut Fishing Information.

Halibut Fishing Guides

Depending on the season Halibut can be found at various depths. Local Halibut Fishing Guides and Captains have years of experience catching trophy class Halibut, and know the topography of the ocean floor near their home ports. Their experience is invaluable in helping you to ensure that you get on the fish.

Bar none, if you are planning on Halibut Fishing on your vacation a professional guide is the way to go. Visit our section on Halibut Guides and Charters for more information.

Halibut Fishing Equipment

Halibut Fishing is typical done with shorter very stout fishing rods paired with heavy duty reels. Braided line is very popular due to its superior strength coupled with the smaller diameter of the line.

When the currents are trying to pull your bait off the bottom, smaller diameter line can be a real lifesaver. It can help you to use less weight to put your bait where the fish are, and gives you the strength and sensitivity you need to feel the strike and set the hook.

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Tips and Tricks for Halibut Fishing

Bait used for Halibut is typically various types of dead cut bait. Cut Herring and chunks of Pink Salmon are very popular baits in Alaska. Artificial baits are less common, but artificial lures jigged near the bottom can be productive. Check out our article on How to Catch Big Halibut for more information.

In deep water it is very dark and some anglers feel that it is hard for a Halibut to see a bait from a distance. Because of this some methods such as chumming on the sea floor, with a weighted block, and using small lights on the line itself near the bait, are being used by some anglers to attract the Halibut. These techniques are gaining in popularity although there are not totally mainstream techniques currently in Alaska.

Barn Door Halibut are known as one of the only creatures that you both Fish and Hunt. Large Halibut are often harpooned or gaffed and then SHOT with a rifle or handgun before being brought onto the boat. This is done for safety as a large halibut can be hundreds of pounds of pure muscle. One large halibut flopping around on deck could cause serious or even grave injuries to the fishermen if they are not careful.

Just one note... be sure to shoot the Halibut BEFORE you pull in on to the deck. Alaskan's tell stories of people having a moment of stupidity and shooting a hole in their boat while trying to dispatch a Halibut.